Our Mission: Defense & Security Of Our Communities

The ICRT is an all inclusive organization dedicated to the security and defense of every Indiana citizen. We oppose any attempts to violate the God given rights of any citizen of Indiana regardless of the origin of that threat. We support and aid lawful, common-sense government, law enforcement, other community organizations and individuals that are in line with our ideals. Our intent is to give back to our communities in positive ways. We will foster good will and physical security. Our missions involve many things. Natural disasters, riots, crime, homelessness and hunger are all things we see as a threat to our citizens' rights and security. Our intent is to use all the tools available to us to keep Indiana safe and secure. From barbeque grills to boats. From sump pumps to search teams. From tow straps to tarps. ...all are tools available to us. Whether finding a lost child or protecting a community from rioters, the Indiana Citizens Response Team intends to benefit any Indiana community from a single member to and entire city. We intend to be there for you.